Saturday, October 27, 2012

Virginia's Fruit

Virginia has brought us a good many things, and fruit is one of the most heavenly.  I'm sure there were more opportunities for picking in Utah than I took advantage of, but here it seems the thing to do.

When the seasons of berries, and peaches, and apples roll through, the neighbors start heading out "over the mountain" into Amherst county to get a bushel of whatever is hanging ripe from the limb or vine, or bush.  They stop at my front door and ask "shall I bring some back for you?"  Or they offer their juicers and canners with a clear expectation that this has been on my calendar all winter.

So I have started to put it on my calendar.  And we have started to make the trip over the mountain ourselves.  And we have begun to put strawberry jam in the freezer and homemade applesauce in jars on the shelf.  We are preserving, eating, delighting in what the earth gives us.

This year I didn't take from the earth all that it would have happily given me.  I spent all of the months of May through mid October abstaining from fruit and my weak will could not have borne the hardship of letting the juicy stuff go from my hands to bottles bypassing my mouth entirely.  But I am happily eating fruit again with a new and appreciative tongue.  This comes at apple season which means we are up to our ears in apples.

April gave us strawberries.  October gives us apples.  The months in between would have offered raspberries, blackberries, grapes, pears, and peaches.  Since we have none of these to keep us happy through the long winter we are marking the months of 2013 according to what fruit will fill our kitchen, stain our hands, and grace our pantry.


Annie said...

1. I can't decide if Ewan is intensely enjoying the flavor of the strawberry or if he is relishing in its destruction. Either way, what a gem.

2. Are Ewan and Cecily the same size? They seem closer in stature than age should permit.

3. I was wary of my future in California until I sampled the fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market. Goodness. When Maren was here we drove south an hour and picked Olallieberries. They are what Utah's blackberries hope to be when they grow up.

Sarah Collett said...

Apples just don't stand a chance when Strawberries are in the room. Good thing they are separated by months.

Of course I'd rather just take a bite of Ewan.

Susan said...

The fruit is luscious; my grandchildren are luscious-er. Thanks for the photos - I LOVE them.

Maren said...

Loved the pictures. Fruit is so gorgeous. And so are your children.