Sunday, October 21, 2012

SLC to D.C.

So many babies, so many little people, where once there were just those three Rasmussen kids being their own kind of little people.  Such a cyclical and multiplicative thing is life.

It felt good and nostalgic to be in the same room as so many of my family at one time.  I am grateful to Emma for coming all that long way with the most extraordinary baby Colin.  I am grateful to Katie for being brave enough to let us all descend upon her at once so we could enjoy the visit together.  

Matt and I tried to make our clan a bit scarce the two days we were in D.C. while Emma was there.  Babies need a bit more peace than our four feisty little people can offer.  So we took the Metro in to the Smithsonian stop on the National Mall and took Matt to see a few things he had never seen before. 


Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos! It's good to read your words once again. I've missed them!

Emily said...

These pictures make me ache for you. My brain is spinning trying to come up with a family I love and adore more than yours.... It cannot.
SO so glad I got to see you.

Sarah Collett said...

you have your mothers hands

aubtobobtolob said...

Oddly Sarah made my comment for me. I love that photo. How lovely it is to be on the side of the Country with you.

JaeReg said...

A happy thing, Sarah, that you should know both my Mother's hands and my own well enough to see the likeness. It's true, when I look at my Mother's hands it's like looking into my future.

Yes Aubrey, it is a lovely thing indeed to be near to you.