Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

We have a lot of nicknames in our house.  Matt christens us all, routinely, with something new to answer to.

A few examples:

Jessica, Jae, JaeReg, Reg, Reggie, Jethro, Jethrodesia

Caroline, Carlo, Carlotta, Carlotta Kumquata, Kumquat

Jonah, Yonut, Fro-nut, Yonus Fro, Donkey Nut, Donut, Bon-oh-me-oh, Bon-oh-mc-me-oh

Cecily . . . she says hers is Cecil

Ewan, Bald-e-wan,  Brick Density

Obviously the nick names are not necessarily an effort to shorten a name, or even associated with the given name in any way.  Matthew's mind works in mysterious ways.

Another obvious is that Cecily is strangely lacking any nicknames.  None have ever stuck to her.  Which is odd considering that 'Bon-oh-me-oh' sounds just like 'Jonah' to my ears.  Where is the connection?  Nowhere.  It is Matt's gift of persistence that stitches a name to a person.  But like Peter Pan's elusive shadow, no nicknames have settled on Cecily long enough to start sewing.

Jonah and Caroline are, evidently, adopting their Dad's practice.  Yesterday Caroline declared "Jonah, I'm going to call you Phoebe."  To which Jonah responded, "I'm going to call you Carton-of-Jurassic-Buttermilk."

We'll see if those stick.

That would be Phoebe on the left, JaeReg in the middle, and Carton-of-Jurassic-Buttermilk on the right.


Emily said...

I LOVE Brick Density. I am still laughing.

Annie said...

Donkey Nut has clearly inherited his father's gift. Thanks for the laugh!

Greg said...

This is hilarious! Tell Matt that I do the same thing here :-) (And I do believe the "gift" does exhibit itself in the offspring as well!) :-)

justin + camille said...

My personal favorite is "Carton of Jurassic Buttermilk."

chaniriiell said...

It's funny, matt's names not only stick but they trickle through to other people as well. I think I call Jonah "fwo-nuh" more often than his given name.

Carton of Jurassic buttermilk for the winnnn!