Friday, January 27, 2012

Giving Up Governance of a Door


Sarah has always been at the heart of me . . . the center of friends that come to you without sharing the blood of you.

We grew up in different homes.  She says the door was governed on her home.  It opened at the will of the parent, deciding who to let in and when.  She says the door at my house barely had hinges, barely had a door - it opened before it was knocked.  There were always people in and out with the blessing of whatever parent may or may not be home.

Sarah syas she wanted her grown up house to be like my childhood house.  And strangely, at the time she told me that only a few years ago, my grown up house was more like her childhood house.  When it came to the neighborhood children, Sarah invited and I deliberated.

Not so much anymore.  We have children on our street.  They eat at my table, they play on my porch, they wait at the french doors for Jonah and Caroline to finish math, they build huts in the woods at the end of the road, they play behind our garage, they build villages with Jonah's legos, they parade in the girl's dress up clothes, they make cookies with us, they dance in our kitchen, they leave their toys at our house.  They gather in our driveway for a warm walk at the end of October in Virginia.

We have four doors on this house, and they all seem to open easily.


camjackieward said...

You need to not post anymore pictures of how beautiful it is there, or else I just might make Cameron move there...job or no job!

Greg said...

I love houses with open doors. I hope that ours is that way... I think it is to varying degrees. There's something to be said for doors, sometimes. But in general, I want live the way Jesus did, and his doors weren't just open, he didn't even own them :) Fun story... and I can imagine your Mom & Dad having very open doors :)

JaeReg said...

If that's all I have to do, Jackie, than I will post countless beautiful photos of Virginia. There is certainly no shortage of beauty here.
Although, I could also post pictures of bugs. That might even things out a bit.

JaeReg said...

Yes, Greg, I am loving our open door more and more. Yesterday our house was filled with different people at different times, and I enjoyed all the spontaneous comings and goings.