Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Dancing Irish"

Here is a strange one -

Last night our three oldest children walked on stage at Chandler Hall in front of a couple hundred people and danced.

They danced.  Well, Jonah and Caroline danced.  Cecily kind of bounced up and down with the idea of dance filling her head.

The most notable part of this, for me, is the turning of the corner from parent-and-child, to just child.  Standing alone, being whoever child is when they are not parent-and-child.  They were doing something I don't know how to do.  What must it feel like to a an accountant when their child becomes a cardiac surgeon?  I know their little brains grew inside of me, but today the world grows inside of them and they decide where they will fit in it.  I taught Jonah to read and now Jonah teaches me about the salinity level of a certain part of the ocean and how that affects a particular fish, or that Hatshepsut is the Lady Pharaoh who ruled in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

The thing is, they are snipping the apron strings on me and I'm not quite sure if I keep handing them the scissors, or if I should be, or if homeschooling means they're really more like apron-tie-down-straps and I should be sharpening the machete in preparation for my children's looming adulthood.  The mysteries of parenting only become more mysterious with time.

On another note - Cecily might have been converted to the stage last night.  The audience went crazy for her little wave as the Irish dancers skipped their way off stage.  Later, during intermission, Cecily ran across the stage looking for someone and about two thirds of the way across she stopped in a sudden realization that the wild cheering, clapping and hollering of the entire room was for her.  Heaven opened up a permanent spotlight on a four-year-old that only days before was paralyzed in uncontrollable tears at the prospect of doing her little dance just in rehearsal.  Somehow she overcame her fear the following day and waltzed on stage just as confidently as any mouseketeer in their day.

I filmed at the dress rehearsal so I could get closer and not be bothered with it during the actual performance so you won't get the full sense of the audiences reaction to our local Irish Troop.  But they were well received.  Gloria Bowden, who you will see holding Cecily's hand, is the genius behind it.  And Southern Virginia University is the "genius of small," which fosters a connection with community and students that will bless our family forever.

while I write this Cecily is trying to teach Ewan to Irish Dance.  Her lessons go like this - "See Ewan, skip, two, three, then switch."
Ewan starts, back to the wall saying "skip, three three," then falls down and she chastises him, "No, like this . . ."  While all her moves look remarkably similar to bouncing.


Gloria Bowden said...

Oh my goodness! I loved seeing that video of them practicing outside. This makes me kind of emotional! Those kids are getting so good! - and now Ewan too. Ha ha! oh, that made me smile!

aubtobobtolob said...

Oh my goodness these are the cutest little ones ever.... well I guess next to mine ;) Thank you so much for putting this up, my kids are eating it up! Love you lady! I am burning apron strings left and right at the moment... cutting makes it sound so easy, this process HURTS, and is wonderful. :)

Susan said...

This may be the best thing I have seen. . . EVER. I LOVE your kids.

chaniriiell said...

Oh, wow! The crazy thing is, I feel like Jonah is just as good, if not better, than the older kids. Make sure to tell them to look up as they dance. I just love this so much and laughed so hard as I watched little Cecily wave goodbye. :)

aubtobobtolob said...

I have stumbled upon this in the midnight hours, as you have given up social media it would be lovely if you took your life to the blog again. I miss knowing your comings and goings. You are in South America, a world away and I didn't even know. Life is a strange taker and giver of things.

Anonymous said...

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