Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dusty Sunshine and My Debut as Kin To A Star

My little sister is one remarkable woman.

(Chani, please forgive my photographic indulgence, but I love that we have at least this one photo of us.)

When Matt and I were first married I think Chani was 12.  She was a singing phenom then and is a singing phenom now.  Although her repertoire has changed over the years.  Back then it was teeny-bopper-pop music in sequin jackets singing on a makeshift stage in Fremont Park while a dozen parents sat on metal bleachers cheering on their own star in the making.
The Show Biz Kids.
Of the lot, Chani was THE star.  Don't they all wish they could have sung it and swung it like Chani?

And the girl has never given up.

She is no longer the kid grabbing the microphone to borrow a song from some other artist.  In her relatively new band, Dusty Sunshine, Chani, along with five other musicians are writing and performing their original songs with their own flair.  All without any sequin vests.

The Las Vegas Thompson Brothers of Light Forge Studios are busy in the local Vegas music scene and they have brought us a new music video of Dusty Sunshine, featuring my very own sister as the lead singer.

I am no music critic.  I could tell you there is a banjo involved and that might give you a sense of what they produce.  While this particular song does not include a fiddle, Megan Wingerter is often adding that to the mix.  Here she is playing a mandolin instead.  And I'm pretty sure their percussionist, Courtney Carroll, is beating out her rhythm on my Mom's 50-year-old black traveling trunk that used to hold old photographs and a velvet wedding dress.

I am so proud of Chani.  How it must feel to create something that you are good at and send it out to the world.

Well done my sweet little sis.  Only wish I could have been there with you and Mom for the Neil Young tribute.


Jennifer said...

Very cool!

Camille Wheatley said...

Wow! Your sis has some pipes! I love the music! Does she have a CD or website? I'd love to check it out. :)

aubtobobtolob said...

girl can sing! I think it is moms chest, which begs the question... where is the stuff that was in it?!?

Les said...

Wow! That was amazing! Love love love it.

Camille Wheatley said...

A comment completely unrelated to Dusty Sunshine: "I love that your mark is found throughout my blog. I like reading what you write and reading what you have to say about what I write. I like that you came to Rose Park before we left because now we are always friends."

My sentiments precisely. I'm so very grateful that our paths crossed in Rose Park's pleasant environs, if only for a short while. I miss you and your dear family so much. You will always be dear to us.

"If I called on you now, would you come visit?"

Yes. Consider myself called upon. I keep bringing up to Justin the fact that we need to visit you guys. The plan in my head is perfect: a visit most likely not this summer (because of the baby coming and all), but next summer (2013). If I have my way, it will most certainly happen. :) We'll see what life brings, but a visit will be paid, whether it be sooner or later. Oh yes, and Justin's supposed to have shipped your painting very soon.

chaniriiell said...

Wow, Jessie. This made me tear up (which really isn't saying much these days. I just cried while watching a Huggies commercial yesterday). But still, this really made my day. It means a lot to know my family is so supportive of my endeavors, even from across the country. I'm so glad you like and appreciate what I do. :) it means the world to me. And Thank you for sharing it.

Aub, that IS mom's black trunk. She actually gave it to me a long time ago after years and years of begging. I remember when I was younger I used to put a couple stuffed animals or my blankey in there in an effort to convince mom that I needed the trunk if she wanted me to keep my room organized and clean. Hahaha.
Now I have the trunk, so where are my skills in organization? Crap!

chaniriiell said...

And the photo is beautiful. I love it :)

chaniriiell said...

Oh, Justin+Camille:

You can buy either the digital download of the album or the hardcopy can be sent to you :) thanks for listening!