Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Again

The interlude was cousins.


Cousins sleeping on every horizontal space in our house.
Cousins dressing up, and dressing up, and dressing up.
Cousins keeping the baby happy for two straight weeks.
Cousins jumping off the cabin balcony into eight feet of snow.
Cousins writing stories that will surely be published in the "What to do on a Rainy Day" Almanac.
Cousins successfully avoiding lessons after the one disastrous day of home school torture.
Cousins reincarnating Darth Vader and Co. with an Indiana Jones lego set and a bit of voo doo.
Cousins piling up in sleds and swooshing away to certain death that turns out to be just dead fun.
Cousins talking into the wee hours about building tree houses and annihilating storm troopers.

Cousins making me wonder how on earth we will survive without six kids to keep each other happy when they have waved their good byes, blown their last kisses, turned the corner at the end of the road, and left us suddenly quiet and lonely on the cold front porch.

It must mean New York is on our horizon.


Menner said...

This post makes me wish I had grown up around my cousins.

It also makes me supremely grateful that my children will get to.

aubtobobtolob said...

best times ever, hands down our kids rock together!
when can you come?
no really when?!?
It was a long drive home with you not at the end of it my love, any time you want to come and build I am ready!

Annie said...

I hope my future children will be as charming as yours. And I hope my writing style will someday be as charming as yours. :)

chaniriiell said...

I agree with Annie. On both accounts.
I have pictures of these cousins you speak of. But I suck at uploading them. And I'm hungry... so....