Thursday, November 17, 2011

Someone Who Needs Somewhere

". . . . a song for
        someone who needs somewhere
        to long for . . . ."

If there were ever a light cast across a piece of earth more beautiful than the one on this particular June evening in a little corner of New York state, I have never seen it.

This light came with restoration to our weary souls.
Did we leave our friends without proper goodbyes?
Did we drop tears onto the skinny face of a sick baby?
Did we feel homeless before we ever left home?
Did we drive 2000 miles?

We could answer "yes" honestly, but the whole truth of it would be lost somewhere in the bleakness of the question.

We have friends, we have a baby, we have a home, we are together!
Yes, these patch up the spaces that felt empty in the question.

As lake Ontario laps soothingly at our feet and the sun throws warm, low light across our faces we begin to be happy.

We trust,

In all of it, I see two things.

I see where my Dad is not.  He is not sitting on the bench next to my Mom, with a book in his hand, or a laptop on his lap, or his hand resting softly at the nape of her neck.

I see children who build.  I think Jonah told me they were elves making a shelter because he became ill.     Nowhere to live?  Nowhere to rest when your body is spent?  They pull from the unmade space as we do in time of need.  Here a stone, there a stick, a piece of driftwood drug from the water.  All buttressed against a small rise of earth.  The whole thing a bulwark of youthful ingenuity that protects against element and distress.

It is the blueprint to the weeks ahead.


Emily said...

Thank you, oh thank you for posting this.

Bless you and your beautiful family.

We miss you.

aubtobobtolob said...

a magic day. I wish we had them all the time.

Annie said...

Google tells me that we are 2,749 miles apart. I feel each mile as a weight, and my muscles sure have fatigued.

justin + camille said...

So beautiful. We miss your lovely family so much. Please keep posting these videos! Your first one was a smashing success!

Rachel said...

:) THis little piece made me miss your dad... like when I hear the eagles on the radio or see a man in a denim long sleeved shirt. It looked like the perfect day.