Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As Long as She Talks, I Laugh

She is four - only a few more months - five is looming. She lost two teeth while I was in England. That's right she's four and she lost her two bottom, front teeth. But those two teeth came cutting through her three-month-old gums a site too early for our nursing routine. At twelve months my flesh could no longer handle her full set of teeth and we decided to go for the cow option. I suppose with teeth, it is early in, early out.

And with that premature gap in Carolin'es smile she carries on in her funny four year old way - charming me with what comes out of her head, out of her mouth.

A sampling:

"Mom, my clothes are too loosable."

"Wow, that bath was as quick as a camel eating."
"Oh yeah?" I ask. "Do camels eat fast?"
"And do you know what a camel is?"
"Ye-es" in total exasperation.

So, I am pregnant. This means a growing belly, and a growing need for clothes made to accommodate my immensity. Caroline hasn't quite figured out what the special word for those clothes are. Every time I put on one of my bigger than normal tops she asks, "Is that an eternity shirt."
"Yes, in so many ways," I tell her.

Last night we were talking about her preschool graduation that will happen next week. With zeal Caroline declared "I'm graduating from preschool, I'll be in kindergarten next year, and then I'll go to high school."
Yup, something like that.

The other day my friend was lamenting a few of her husband's, shall we say, little imperfections. Not really thinking about children's ears that hear more than we imagine, she asked in rhetorical exasperation "What am I going to do with him?" Caroline answered without missing a beat "Toss him overboard," in her best pirate accent.

Jonah and Caroline are sitting in the back of the van trying to remember the name of one of the boys in Caroline's preschool class who did something funny. Since Jonah spends the five minutes it takes to drop her off making the social rounds, he is friends with pretty much everybody in her class, so he knows all their names. The two of them are ticking off each boy they can think of, but still not coming up with whomever she is thinking of. Finally she pleads in frustration "Come on Jonah, just be in my head."


To be in her head.

A totally unnavigable place is Caroline's head.


Menner said...

Oh, this gave me a good chuckle. I love that girl of yours.

Annie said...

I can't believe she'll be turning 5. Oh, how I love Caroline. And I'd love to hear her pirate accent someday.

aubtobobtolob said...

Camels totally chow in a disgustingly fast manner. You are eternal. I always wanted you in my head. And Avast to that bad dude! Give her love for me will you?

shelley said...

eternity shirt is my favorite. And your response--even better.