Friday, January 22, 2010

I Am Not Beyond Coveting

The Parent Trap 2-Movie Collection

I'm a little bugged.

The Parent Trap has never offended me before, but'll see.

Apologies to Katie for still having her copy of The Parent Trap. But I am pleased my kids are watching the original now and not the Lindsey Lohan version.

Kids are sick. Sick is rubbish. Rubbish deserves time on the couch watching movies. Which they have done a good deal of this week. I sat down at the tale end of Parent Trap yesterday, just in time to catch the kissing scene.

Good grief.
There they are; Maureen O'hara and Brian Keith kissing in the middle of his California Ranch-House kitchen.
And right there, in plain sight, for everyone to see -
It's clearly visible - just beyond Ms. O'hara's tidy little derriere .

As you can imagine, this was upsetting for me.

What year was this filmed?

I'll tell you what year: 1961

That's What Year.

Mmmm Hmmm.

What year is it now?

I'll tell you what year: 2010

According to Arthur C. Clarke we would be travelling and inhabiting space like it was a trip to Nebraska by 2010. Jupiter would turn into a star and we would colonize Europa...or Io...or some such satellite of Father Zeus.

You may have noticed we are not colonizing a moon of Jupiter.
But the real tragedy, to which I would like to draw your attention is this:

In the year 2010 I am still washing my nasty, grimy dishes by hand. And a few months ago when our water heater went out, I boiled water on the stove to wash those dishes by hand. least I have an in-door stove, which isn't even wood burning.
I'm like - way modern with my gas stove.

A dishwasher in 1961?
Was that really necessary for the Susan/Sharon switch-a-roo narrative?
The set designers of this 1961 film might have thought ahead a little so as to spare the feelings of us "have-nots" in the year 2010.


shelley said...

have you been to the daisy cottage blog today? You'd better not. she's a little too perky about washing her own beautiful little dishes.

JaeReg said...

Ahhh! You're right!
Although, if I had all the cute dishes and tea cloths she has, I might not mind either.

Wayne said...

Jess, I'll buy you one if you can figure out where to put it.

Susan said...

And a dishwasher in 1961 was a luxury which spoke about the husband's affluence.

aubtobobtolob said...

I want you to clean dishes forever in gloves, it keeps you sweet and so 50's ish! ;)